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Ten ad hoc 2022 takeaways->2023

Few personal findings from last year to ease up pain in 2023:

1) We are wasting entrepreneurial energy hugely. If you are bored at your current position start acting now. The world needs you right now. It has never been a better moment. Get active around other radicals and regard weirdness as a superpower. Restore faith into humanity and think of your "death". Easy?

2) Connect with the purpose in you. What is meaningful work to you? We want to believe the negative. 90% of the people will help you in case of need. Can you ask for help?

3) Do we talk enough about the real issues important to us? Imagine yourself at a campfire in the evening. How often do you do that?

4) Take care of yourself. Take time just to yourself to survive, gather thoughts and reflect. Talk issues aloud to a person or tree or anything. Otherwise your brain will not register them. When is the last time you did that?

5) Momentum is the mother of all inventions. The trick is to be ready for momentums...mind and business wise. Personally you can do that easily whenever you decide it but the more people involved, the trickier it gets. Just think life with your partner not to talk about your kids.

6) Think small practical steps to build your routines or change habits. What is your next Minimum Viable Step?

7) Take care of the people around you. Take also care of the nature around you. When is the last time you have been talking to the nature?

8) We carry minimum of five (5) generations in our body memory. These memories can be activated by you or events (good or bad) around you quite easily if you are not aware of them and do not know yourself they might surprise you some day. Have you ever noticed that?

9) AI will blow through the world this year. Maybe we learn to notice and appreciate real human interaction for a change. Or do you want to read books/news/social media and listen to AI powered songs?

10) Despite the wars and stupidities around us, all of us have good intentions. If we would just learn NOT to listen and obey things that are harmful to others and nature.

Hugging a tree at wild forest that burned

250yrs ago near Lieksa 09/2022.


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