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Season 08/22-06/23

My season starts always in August and ends by midsummer in June...almost like a school year. Before that, usually starting in March, I start think and plan my next season highlights. I practise my being in presence and put the antenna out of my personal bubble. One never knows what the universe actually has planned for me for the coming season.

It all started during our (electric) car journey through Norway with my wife last summer. Above Arctic Circle there is always something special in terms of universal vibes.

This season had one special aspect and that was scaling my contacts and activity towards Baltics. There appeared an opportunity which started at Cocoon camp at Tarto in Estonia.

Along the season this mentoring community became part of my weekly activities. Several trips were made to Baltics, startup events (Tarto, Tallinn, Riga) and mentoring in those locations started.

Another aspect was also being aware of spiritual (not religious) way of thinking. It was about exploring my mind with the help of mushrooms and also starting a guided NLP training in spirituality. That mindset opened a new space in me and that trip seems to continue also in the following season.

Lastly a big realisation for me was the power of my body as an antenna. In a workshop held by our NLP Extra Trainer community I learnt to cut my head off and give full "rights" to my body to act as my mind. That technique I started using immediately in my mentoring sessions leading to very positive outcomes.

To conclude my season I held my first workshop in Arctic15. The guiding light was to make attendees work and commit to action. I was there just to deliver topics and exercises.

During this blog writing first steps are already there for the next season. But as always, there is room for special tasks and strange momentums from the universe.

Meeting the founder of Danakosha Ling at Jokioinen,

Tulku Rinpoche 01/23.

Trying AR clothes on at Startup day at Tartu 03/23

My first workshop at Kaapelitehdas 06/23

The power of body workshop 03/23

Cocoon founder camp near Tartu, Estonia 08/22.


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