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Fresh start of the season

This year the season started early and in deep waters with Mental Space Psychology workshop with Lucas Derks visiting Finland again. For me it was a relief to find out that our linquistic one dimensional approach is not the only dimension to solve problems. The multi-dimensional space approach (place, body, hearing, seeing,...) gives us more opportunities to dig into our problem space.

The dynamics and the mixture of the spatial elements give us room to reflect issues in totally different way. You are able to find from that new angles that suit you the best. You create a new picture of the issue in our mind and are able to move forward with it to the next station of feelings that truly are your pictures not someone else's.

I was a bit skeptical about this approach first. But after self-experienced and coached sessions and in the end trying this out with real "patients" it blew my mind in a magical way.

It is so simple and beautiful way of exploring your mind, leaving you with very strong picture where to go next from here.

Posing with Lucas Derks at Tuusula 08/2022


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