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NLP Master done

One of the main takeaways from 2021 was my deeper dive into NLP practises and myself in the NLP Master class. Tuuli Paltemaa of Myötätuulivalmennus was our guiding light during the quite challenging times of hybrid (mostly online) sessions.

After practising in real the methods, it was time to put them to action in my coaching. Naturally accompanied with a Pasisti twist and randomness. This class gave me confidence of executing practises my own way since Pasisti is known not to follow rules. Sometimes I even feel that creating Pasisti's own rules seems to be the only way forward giving me the edge and roughness that is needed to make the most out of it and digging deeper in me.

That is why I enjoy working and studying around NLP so much and Tuuli encouraged us find during the Master class. NLP is viral and does not stick to following orders and methods blindly. The core value of the NLP to me is change. In that way it is able to stick to current issues and sustain it's humorous/painful way of discovering yourself to reflect to problems you/we are facing right now.

You make the most out of it, you must create your own path and learnings.

My final presentation in the class was in the format of presenting a song. It'll come out on the artist section in spring 2022 telling about my creative path to writing songs. I used NLP methods to dive deeper in to my mind, soul, ego and body to fully understand what happens in my creative mind in the process.

What a journey our life is! Thanks Tuuli.

Pasisti and Tuuli at Espoo 10/2021


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