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Life Coach Master

I finished Life Coach Practitioner a year ago and started executing my skills as a startup founder/CEO coach. During the fall of 2020 I began my NLP journey, but still wanted to catch up with LC Master for more insight this spring. That realised at the beginning of the year.

The approach was quite different then practitioner course. We moved energetically to the next level and I sometimes had problems following the practises. Again I was the only male and during the course I came to conclusion that females might have a slight advantage feeling energy.

I advanced to feeling almost nothing to feeling something. I learned to trust on energetic intuitions and talk aloud about it (without shame). The more I talked about, the more "sense" it started to make. The trust sneaked in even in our remote sessions which made matters a bit harder to me.

The first time I sensed the change in energy through my young adult "kids" and caught their depressed vibrations remotely during the tough 2021 spring time and was able to act on issues before they escalated. That gave me confidence to my ability to work around energetic feelings.

I feel I have just has started my energetic journey. Let's see what comes next around it. I'm energetically ready to feel it.

It's all about energy and vibrations anyways!


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