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JOB done

We had an interesting keynote coming at our Oxygen2050 event this spring. The topic was a something around Theory U, which I've never heard of before.

From the moment Harriet Fagerholm introduced herself, I could build an energetic link to her presence. Very soon it became clear, that she had something I needed to explore more.

Luckily in the end Harriet told about the pilot program she has been working on for quite some time and was looking for volunteers to join. "Bruce" (the explorative part of intuitive me) on my left shoulder shouted out loud and clear "What are you waiting for!!!".

So during the feedback session I just wanted to know when and how it will work out.

We participated via Zoom bi-weekly, had weekly home assignments and did journalling at Sutra platform about the weekly topics through meditation and reading Harriet's book.

We started digging into our "True You" piece by piece; fears, shames, guilts, weaknesses, borders becoming present to this moment and building True You from that with gratitude and forgiveness, giving the flow of life lead us trusting that everything will be ok.

It was a one of those moments also for me to reflect on my current life, as a father of three adult kids, life/business coach, impact investor and newly wedded husband. In the end it is all about action...concrete action. What is the action as a take away? For me the Minimum Viable Action (MVA) was a short sentence to be added to my morning mantra.

This was not an easy one but well worth it to get the JOB (Joy Of Being) done!

Thanks Harriet!


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