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Hectic coaching spring 2022

I thought the NLP Trainer course would finalise my personal development for the season. But then came the opportunity I could not miss. My Trainer coach Reetta Vanhanen told us that she plans to retire and was put all-in for those seriously thinking to be NLP coaches in her final NLP Trainer Extra.

During those training days she revealed all her secrets to success in her NLP coaching journey. Also being in the team that seriously will continue their careers as NLP coaches made a big difference. Many still use NLP for personal development only.

And that was not all for the spring. An opportunity to participate in family constellation by Jani Roman appeared. During his practises family blood relationships revealed to me the need to have the full circle of my blood relatives around me if not in real then in my imagination. Participants were able to talk to family members where in real life that is for some reason not possible and solve issues troubling the connection.

And there was still more to come. Grand old man of NLP Veli-Matti Toivonen held sessions where we explored the old natural way of dealing with modern problems. We have lost the connection to nature during urbanisation and modern way of dealing with problems has often very rational and scientific approach. For me the most interesting issues was dealing with pieces I have left behind in my journey to ask them to return so that I could be fully present here and now.

And to finalise the hectic spring I arranged a weekend with some of my portfolio founders at Dharma Community at Jokioinen. We explored the ancient ways dealing with things puzzling our mind and sucking our energy. Meditation, sharing 1on1 and listening to Tulku's stories from Tibet.

In our many discussion one question popped up and stopped us..

Are you ready to leave tomorrow?

Polkuni founders at Danakosha Ling at Jokioinen

Tired man after 2 days of 5 rhythms dancing.

(Picture by Tiialotta)


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