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Greatest shits!



WHY in the H...:

We need more music now than ever to "glue" us back together and learn about yourself.

- At first, this was just a dream, overshadowed by many assumptions like I would never be able to get even one song completed.

Then appeared a momentum called "the wedding". I placed all in and got one song ready in half a year. The next song came naturally, by surprise, in a week. 

This album took a year to complete.

The trip like this should never be done alone. Along the route I was supported by my wife Danja, my kids Mirna, Kitri and Arni and the Biisirinki guys Toni, Juho, Simo, Olli and of course my singing teacher Raija and the Biisiverstas gang.

Most of all I'm grateful for the band Ihme4set featured by professionals Juho, Sami, Teemu, Timo for their creative support.

Forever grateful for travelling with me!

Thank you!


WHAT the F...:

I completed my mental training focusing on my future with the help of my mentor Petri few years back. The end result was a surprise and we called it "Audible Awakening". 

After that I started reflecting my life and choices through "AA" in minimum viable steps.

Little by little I learned to listen myself, my pace, space and being present. Gradually my body opened to hear sounds and stories around me in empathic way. Finally I caught sounds and vibrations also from our planet and universe.

When I close my eyes now, I see and feel through my ears. 

And only then I was able to work on my audial output. Step by step, with help, sharing my thoughts, listening to myself and building routines I'm heading towards my new normal. 

It will be an adventure for the rest of my life, full of surprises and twists, non-linear, fun and energy, which miraculously shuffles my subconscious to live in this moment enjoying life in its full beauty. 




The whole gig

Song by song

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I sang in school choir and played the fipple flute. Then once I saw a lonely Munkers guitar on my grandfathers wall. It would stay in tune for one song max and sounded terrible but that was the start where I lost my heart. My father's comment was not supportive but he did sponsor me a ABE guitar.

For the next 20 years I played classic as a hobby and children's songs to my kids and never got into music theory..maybe it was better off that way. 

So when I turned 50 I was finally ready to work on my first album.


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