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Burning Man (the song)

This is my 2nd song translated to English. The theme and the wibes were so strong that it was worth the trouble. For that I needed help and luckily Douglas Pashley was there to help me out on that. He is also in charge of the lyrics with my final touch.

The name of the song tells it all. This is about my first Burning Man festival at end of summer of 2023. It was a perfect place and timing. I joined the BRSS (Black Rock Sauna Society) camp team here in Finland fivemonths before to plan everything and contribute to the up-coming festival as a Sauna Elf lead.

Building a sauna into a container and bringing it to Playa (Nevada desert), with right amount of right kind of wood, run it 12 hours a day for a week and serve 2000 sauna enthusiast was a project of its own. Not to mention one of our add-on services like spray water service after sauna. And not leaving a trace (of wood) behind on the Playa (called MOOP concept).

I was proud and humble to be selected to serve people on the Playa. Forever grateful for that.

The Universe decided to make my trip perfect and poured one month worth of rain on us in two days (this has never happened before) showing another face of the muddy (no traffic) desert.

Personally this was a trip to my future path. I faced the facts of getting old enough and thinking what do I really want to do with the rest of my life.

Musically the main guideline me and my producer Juho gave for the guys, Toni (drums), Timo (bass) and Sami (guitar), was keep it crazy and odd. My Nepalese voice bowl felt like the right thing to take with us to this musical journey.

I decided last year that all my songs will have to include one element in the future and it is EP (Experimental Play) component. This work of art has that element definitely. Pls enjoy!

Always love'ya!


Watch out for slippery road at Nevada desert 09/23.

BRSS camp sauna container, fire place and dressing/supply container at Nevada desert


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