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A Man Burning

At this age you need a proper kick into balls to start your season (my season is Aug-Jun). This time the start could not be more challenging, spending my 58th birthday, as the first time Burner at BurningMan (BM) festival.

We have been preparing to build out the camp to the Nevada desert for 10 days with Black Rock Sauna Society for 5 months. Building a sauna and supplying almost 100 camp members is a HELL of a job logistically and mentally. Everything must be taken in and out of the Playa leaving no trace behind (your camp site is evaluated after leaving and failing in that your chances of getting tickets is not easy).

To me the most interesting thing to discover is the fact that I can be there just as Pasisti as I want in total digital silence. Where all this hassling around will take my mind?

Naturally we have our contribution, Finnish Sauna, built for this joy of giving festival. 1500 asslets are ready to ground visitors down at this high flying event. As a Sauna Ops lead for the first time, I have my healing drum with me accompanied with cheap guitar I bought at Reno. We work as Sauna Elfs (dressed accordingly) in teams of four serving our clients 7 hours a day in the dessert.

Let's see how all this works out but it has been so much fun already.

Getting there is always half the fun.

Also CocoonProgram2.0 was launched in August and being able to help founders also internationally feels super good. The possibility to reflect on different cultures and traditions is vital for us all and it will be increasingly important in global team building.

Focusing only on your business aspect will not take you far, I'd say leaving out your mental development aspect along the business development will be "fatal" to both your business and yourself.

Lastly I promise you, that if you do not kickstart your season properly doing odd stuff, you will most likely NOT remember anything of that year when you turn 58.

Life is a mindset game.

So my question to you is what have you done kickstart your season?

My first bike to BM that fell to pieces before getting to hotel 08/2023

(drove back and replaced it)

CocoonProgram2.0 kickoff at Riga, Latvia 08/2023


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